The UK has a problem, other countries may also have the same problem, but I do not care. I only care about the UK and my fellow citizens. I have been involved in tackling child sexual exploitation for over two decades, more intensely over the last decade. I set up a charity to…
What has happened to English men? Less than two hundred years ago, they conquered the world and turned wastelands into paradise. Seventy years ago they…
I like to think of myself as a problem solver. When I have a problem I sit down and think. This may seem obvious but you will be surprised how rare this…
Britain & Slavery - the factsWatch now (8 min) |
Three months ago, while in a Manchester pub chatting with an American friend, he shared an idea with me. He thought it may be of interest - it was. A…
It had to happen eventually, the time had to arrive when I felt it was necessary to write about this super sensitive topic. I feel a slight trepidation…
For much of the New Labour government, they set the police and council priorities on crime reduction. Some made sense such as reducing burglary, others…
a feminist nightmare
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Nick Buckley MBE